A and B Towing ~ Tucson, AZ Personal Property Removal

PPR Tow Service Company

PPR Tucson AZ

We specialize in private property removal of vehicles.
Free removal of illegally parked and abandoned vehicles for property owners.
Fast response and never a charge to the property owner or designated agent.
Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles towed away at vehicle owner’s expense.
24 hour towing services – Greater Tucson area; including Marana, and Oro Valley.
All of our service vehicles are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.
A & B Towing is locally owned and operated.

Towing Procedure

  • Contracts available but not required
  • A & B Towing Inc. will supply and install tow signs
  • Free removal of abandoned and illegally parked vehicles
  • 24-hour towing services
  • NO COST to Property Managers – vehicles towed at owner’s expense
  • Property removal from parking lots, shopping centers and apartment complexes
  • We notify police that we have the vehicle
  • Vehicle is towed to our storage yard
  • State notifies vehicle owner
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to redeem vehicle